Fabry-Perot Interferometer for atmospheric HCl and CH4 remote sensing

Anno: 2002

Autori: Giovanelli G., Castelli E., Bortoli D., Kostadinov I., Ravegnani F., Petritoli A., Mazzinghi P., Rizzi R.

Affiliazione autori: ISAO/CNR, Via Gobetti, 101, 40129 Bologna Italy;
CGE-UE, University of Evora, Rua Romão Ramalho, 59 7000-671 Évora, Portugal; STIL-Bulgarian Academy of Science, Base Observatory, 6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria;
Istituto Nazionale di Ottica Applicata, Largo E. Fermi 6, 50125 Firenze Italy; Physic Dep., University of Bologna, Via Berti Pichat, Italy

Abstract: A mathematical model (MAES) that simulates the output signal of an instrumental prototype based on a Fabry-Perot interferometer which could be employed to measure atmospheric HCl was made. Through this, it was possible to optimize the instrument performance by appropriately choosing the branch, the number of the measured absorption lines and the plate reflectivity. It was found that the best configuration was one in which three absorption lines and 90% reflective FPI were combined.

Titolo Convegno:

Parole chiavi: Absorption spectroscopy; Climate change; Computer simulation; Fabry-Perot interferometers; Hydrochloric acid; Mathematical models; Methane; Ozone; Remote sensing; Upper atmosphere; Atmospheric sensing; Free spectral range; Near infrared single etalon sensor; Stratospheric ozone cycle; Vibrorotational absorption spectrum; Atmospheric composition
DOI: 10.1117/12.454241

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