Bogoliubov theory of the laser linewidth and application to polariton condensates

Anno: 2022

Autori: Amelio Ivan; Carusotto Iacopo

Affiliazione autori: Institute of Quantum Electronics ETH Zurich, CH-8093 Zurich, Switzerland; INO-CNR BEC Center and Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita di Trento, 38123 Povo, Italy

Abstract: Topology ultimately unveils the roots of the perfect quantization observed in complex systems. The two-dimensional quantum Hall effect is the celebrated archetype. Remarkably, topology can manifest itself even in higher-dimensional spaces in which control parameters play the role of extra, synthetic dimensions. However, so far, a very limited number of implementations of higher-dimensional topological systems have been proposed, a notable example being the so-called four-dimensional quantum Hall effect. Here we show that mesoscopic superconducting systems can implement higher-dimensional topology and represent a formidable platform to study a quantum system with a purely nontrivial second Chern number. We demonstrate that the integrated absorption intensity in designed microwave spectroscopy is quantized and the integer is directly related to the second Chern number. Finally, we show that these systems also admit a non-Abelian Berry phase. Hence, they also realize an enlightening paradigm of topological non-Abelian systems in higher dimensions.

Giornale/Rivista: PHYSICAL REVIEW A

Volume: 105 (2)      Da Pagina: 023527-1  A: 023527-8

Maggiori informazioni: We are grateful to S. Rotter for a few tips on the Petermann factor. I.C. acknowledges financial support from the European Union H2020-FETFLAG-2018-2020 project “PhoQuS” (No. 820392) and from the Provincia Autonoma di Trento.
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.105.023527