Dynamics of multiple atoms in one-dimensional fields

Anno: 2019

Autori: Cascio C., Halimeh JC., McCulloch IP., Recati A., Vega ID.

Affiliazione autori: Ludwig Maximilians Univ Munchen, Dept Phys, Theresienstr 37, D-80333 Munich, Germany;‎ Ludwig Maximilians Univ Munchen, Arnold Sommerfeld Ctr Theoret Phys, Theresienstr 37, D-80333 Munich, Germany;‎ Max Planck Inst Phys Komplexer Syst, D-01187 Dresden, Germany;‎ Tech Univ Munich, Phys Dept, D-85747 Garching, Germany;‎ Univ Queensland, ARC Ctr Excellence Engn Quantum Syst, Sch Math & Phys, St Lucia, Qld 4072, Australia;‎ Univ Trento, ING CNR BEC Ctr, I-38123 Povo, Italy;‎ Univ Trento, Dipartimento Fis, I-38123 Povo, Italy;‎ INFN, Trento Inst Fundamental Phys & Applicat, I-38123 Trento, Italy

Abstract: We analyze the dynamics of a set of two-level atoms coupled to the electromagnetic environment within a waveguide. This problem is often tackled by assuming a weak coupling between the atoms and the environment as well as the associated Markov approximation. We show that the accuracy of such an approximation may be more limited than in the single-atom case and may also be strongly determined by the presence of collective effects produced by atom-atom interactions. To this aim, we solve the full problem with exact diagonalization and also the time-dependent density matrix renormalization group method, and we compare the result to that obtained within a weak-coupling master equation and with the Dicke approximation. Finally, we study the dynamics of the entanglement within the system when considering several interatomic distances and atomic frequencies.

Giornale/Rivista: PHYSICAL REVIEW A

Volume: 99 (1)      Da Pagina: 013845-1  A: 013845-14

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.99.013845

Citazioni: 6
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