High energy and Peak Power Laser Amplification Studies


Finanziamento del: European Commission  
Calls: FP7 – I3 Laserlab – Joint Research Activity
Data inizio: 2010-06-01  Data fine: 2012-05-31
Budget totale: EUR 880.000,00  Quota INO del budget totale: EUR 45.562,00
Responsabile scientifico: J.C.Chanteloup    Responsabile scientifico per INO: Gizzi Leonida Antonio

Principale Organizzazione/Istituzione/Azienda assegnataria: CNRS

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Abstract: Almost without exception, all high energy or high power solid state lasers worldwide are severely limited in shot repetition rate by the technology used as a power source – flash lamps. These are a very inefficient (~0.1%) means of converting raw electricity into the pump light necessary to drive these lasers, with the majority of the energy ending up as heat. Opportunities now exist to use an alternative method – direct pumping by solid-state laser diodes (DPSSL) which have efficiencies orders of magnitude greater (70-80%). This JRA proposal builds on these investments by targeting new technology development that would be centred on a High Power mission, and is broadly aligned to a vision of future high average, high peak power development.