Gennaio 20, 2023

Quantum phase sensing at a distance

On the front cover of Advanced Quantum Technologies with a novel concept for remote quantum phase estimation. CNR-INO researchers led by Marco Bellini and Alessandro Zavatta […]
Ottobre 24, 2022

Microscopic Reversibility Goes Quantum

CNR-INO researchers, in collaboration with colleagues from Korea and UK, extended a fundamental principle in statistical mechanics, called microscopic reversibility, to the quantum world and experimentally […]
Novembre 18, 2021

Adding a single photon to multiple light pulses

If a single photon is added and coherently shared among distinct light pulses, a variety of interesting entangled states are produced, whose properties may find applications […]
Giugno 3, 2021

Cover di Advanced Quantum Technologies

Il gruppo CNR-INO di Quantum Light State Engineering di Sesto Fiorentino ha appena pubblicato un lavoro che ha guadagnato la copertina di Advanced Quantum Technologies di […]
Quantum phase sensing at a distance
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