Research Focus

Ottobre 12, 2021

A reflectance photoacoustic imaging applied for the first time to the Heritage Science field as a cover story of the Journal of Imaging

The research reporting on the prototype for the reflectance photoacoustic imaging applied for the first time in the Heritage Science field appears as the cover story […]
Settembre 30, 2021

Volcanic dust from ‘Cumbre Vieja’ (Canarian Islands) observed above Florence on 24-25 september 2021 by means of INO CNR depolarization LIDAR

Following the eruption of ‘Cumbre Vieja’ volcan ( Canarian islands) on 19 sept. 2021, the high-altitude ash plume spreaded over part of Europe. Filaments of the […]
Agosto 26, 2021

Optomechanical polaritons with an optically-levitated nanosphere – on Nature Physics

Polaritons are hybrid quasi-particles originating from the strong coupling between photons and other elementary excitations in solids, such as plasmons, magnons, excitons or phonons. They are […]
Luglio 5, 2021

Sintesi di catene polimeriche controllate a livello molecolare mediante la tecnologia delle alte pressioni per applicazioni di gas sensing

I ricercatori dell’Istituto Nazionale di Ottica del CNR, in particolare il gruppo delle alte pressioni dell’unità di Sesto Fiorentino ed il gruppo di Brescia, esperto nello […]
Giugno 21, 2021

Deep-subwavelength 2D periodic surface nanostructures on diamond by double-pulse femtosecond laser irradiation

Two-dimensional laser-induced periodic surface structures (LIPSSs) with a deep-subwavelength periodicity (80 nm ≈ λ/10) were obtained for the first time on diamond surfaces. The unique surface […]
Giugno 3, 2021

A consortium of European digital players to design the future EU quantum internet

Providing ultra-secure communication for critical infrastructures and government institutions @AirbusDefence, @Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, @EU_Commission, @Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica, @Leonardo, @Orange, @PwC_France, @Telespazio Brussels, 31 […]
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