Exploring And Using The Quantum Nature Of Light And Matter

Cold matter theory


Interacting bosons in a disordered potential

Owing to the ongoing impressive progress in the field of ultracold atoms, the simple ideal…

Microcanonical ensemble

Recent experimental advances have promoted the simple, ideal lattice systems appearing in …


Quantum Metrology

Advancements in physics are often motivated/accompanied by advancements in our precision m…

Quantum Simulation and Information with degenerate Yb atoms

In this experiment we study fundamental properties of matter by employing ultracold atoms …


Quantum entanglement

We propose a measure of entanglement that can be computed for any pure state of an M-qubit…

Theory of Bose-Einstein condensates, cold atomic gases and quantum fluids

Since the experimental realization of BEC in 1995 the study of ultracold atomic gases has …


Two-component Bose Gases

The physics of multi-component gases is very rich due to the possibility of vector order p…

Ultra-cold dipolar gases in optical lattices

Dipolar gases are characterized by anisotropic and long-range interactions. In our group t…

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