Scientific Results

Excitation and relaxation of cold carriers in GaAs

Year: 1996

Authors: Cavalleri Malvezzi, A.M. Bellini, M.

Autors Affiliation: Universita\’ di Pavia, Pavia, Italy

Abstract: The ultrafast relaxation of carriers excited with moderate excess energies above the band edge of bulk GaAs is studied using degenerate pump-probe experiments with sub 100 fs optical pulses tunable in the near IR. Experiments are performed on bulk GaAs and on thin films at room temperature, and a simple model based on quasi-thermalized Boltzmann functions is applied.

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More Information: Sponsors: Europe Physical Society; Quantum Electronics & Optics Division; IEEE/LEOS; Optical Society of America; European Optical Society
KeyWords: Crystal lattices; Energy gap; Hot carriers; Laser pulses; Light reflection; Light transmission; Mathematical models; Semiconducting gallium arsenide, Band edge excited carriers; Carrier excitation; Carrier relaxation; Cold carriers, Charge carriers

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