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Femtosecond, high repetition rate source of coherent radiation in the VUV spectral range

Year: 1996

Authors: Altucci C., Bruzzese R., De Filippo F., de Lisio C., Solimeno S., Vigilante F., Bellini M., Foggi P.

Autors Affiliation: Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche, Napoli, Italy

Abstract: The possibility of using low energy laser pulses from a high repetition rate laser source to generate coherent radiation in the VUV-XUV spectral range is examined. Commercial lasers with intensities in excess of 1015 Wcm-2, operating at high repetition rate and with low energy pulses, are now available. These lasers can be used to generate harmonics lying in the spectral region of 30รท200 nm. A subpicosecond source of coherent, partially tunable VUV radiation based on the generation of harmonics of a Ti:sapphire pump laser is described. The optimization of harmonic conversion efficiency is studied with evidence of blue shift and broadening of the harmonic wavelength due to the time dependent photoelectron density.

Conference title:

More Information: – Europe Physical Society; Quantum Electronics & Optics Division; IEEE/LEOS; Optical Society of America; European Optical Society

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