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Ramsey-type spectroscopy in the XUV spectral region

Year: 2010

Authors: Pirri A., Sali E., Corsi C., Bellini M., Cavalieri S., Eramo R.

Autors Affiliation: IFAC-CNR, Via Madonna del piano 10, 50019, Sesto Fiorentino (FI), Italy; European Laboratory for Nonlinear Spectroscopy, Via N. Carrara 1, I-50019, Sesto Fiorentino (FI), Italy; Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Firenze, Via G. Sansone 1, I-50019, Sesto Fiorentino (FI), Italy; Istituto Nazionale di Ottica Applicata (CNR), Largo E. Fermi 6, I-50125, Sesto Fiorentino (FI), Italy; INFM-CRS-Soft Matter (CNR), Piazzale A. Moro 2, 00185, Roma, Italy

Abstract: We report an experimental and theoretical investigation of Ramsey-type spectroscopy with high-order harmonic generation applied to autoionizing states of Krypton. The ionization yield, detected by an ion-mass spectrometer, shows the characteristic quantum interference pattern. The behaviour of the fringe contrast was interpreted on the basis of a simple analytic model, which reproduces the experimental data without any free parameter.

Conference title:

More Information: Sponsors: Lab. Naz. Frascati Ist. Naz. Fis. Nucl. – LNF/INFN; Ist. Proces. Chimi.-Fis. Consiglio Naz. Ric. – IPCF/CNR; Inst. IRAMIS du Commis. a l\’Energie Atomique – IRAMIS/CEA; Amplitude Technologies; CVI – Melles Griot
KeyWords: Autoionization; Coherent control; Harmonic generation; Xuv-spectroscopy

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