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Anisotropic multiple scattering of light

Anno: 2006

Autori: Sapienza R., Wiersma D.S., Cheung C., Yodh A.G., Delande D.

Affiliazione autori: European Laboratory for Nonlinear Spectroscopy, INFM-Matis, via Nello Carrara 1, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino, Florence, Italy; Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104, United States; Laboratoire Kastler-Brossel, Universite\’ Pierre et Marie Curie, Case 74, 4 place Jussieu, F-75252 Paris Cedex 05, France

Abstract: We will give an overview of recently observed analogies between the transport of electrons and light waves and show how complex photonic materials, ranging from periodic to disordered structures can be applied as photonic devices.© 2006 Optical Society of America

Titolo Convegno:

Parole chiavi: Metamaterials; Monte Carlo methods; Multiple scattering; Nematic liquid crystals; Photonics, Rayleigh; Weak localization, Anisotropy
DOI: 10.1364/META.2006.ThB6

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