Trapped Atom Interferometers in Optical Lattices


Finanziamento del: European Commission  
Calls: ERANET cofund
Data inizio: 2018-03-01  Data fine: 2021-02-28
Budget totale: EUR 2.364.640,00  Quota INO del budget totale: EUR 249.188,00
Responsabile scientifico: Pereira dos Santos F.    Responsabile scientifico per INO: Fattori Marco

Principale Organizzazione/Istituzione/Azienda assegnataria: Observatoire de Paris / SYRTE

altre Organizzazione/Istituzione/Azienda coinvolte:
IOGS / LP2N -France
LUH – IQO – Germany
UW – Poland

altro personale INO coinvolto:
Fattori Marco
Minardi Francesco
Smerzi Augusto

Abstract: The Trapped Atom Interferometer in Optical Lattices (TAOIL) consortium brings together the European experts on atomic sensors metrology with the main goal in mind: to expand the potential of the trapped atom interferometers and realize new devices with sensitivities and spatial resolutions far beyond the state of the art. To accomplish this objective, a broad European collaboration between leading groups in the field in necessary. We will use all our experimental and theoretical skills to challenge the difficulties.
We will develop a new class of atomic sensors for the high precision measurements in applied and fundamental physics. We will master the new methods for separating a split atomic sample far apart while maintaining the quantum coherence, to detect the spatial variations of exotic quantum forces. We will learn how to tame the harmful decoherence by either controlling the strength of the two-body interactions or using novel sources of ultra-cold atoms. We will develop the theoretical and the experimental methods to implement a chaos-enhanced atom-light coupled sensor, an avant-garde approach to the ultra-precise metrology.
The accomplishment of the set goals opens new possibilities for a wide range of applications, such as gravimetry and the surface force measurements with the perspective of the future large-scale industrial implementations.