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Using Light To Probe And Image The Outside World.

Nanostructures for chemical sensors

Advanced applications of quasi 1d oxides

New seed activities are under investigation, which exploit physical properties of quasi 1D oxides for the preparation of a new generation of devices with novel functional properties like gas detection… Read more

Artificial Olfactive Systems

A chemical sensor is a device that transforms chemical information (ranging from the concentration of a specific sample component to total composition analysis) into an analytically useful signal.
Du… Read more

Electrical and optical chemical gas sensing

Nanowires, thick (at FE) and thin (at BS) films of nanostructured metal-oxide semiconductors oxides target the development of gas sensors for environmental, agroalimentary, safety and industrial appli… Read more

Electron microscopy and EBL

The investigation of the morphology, structure as well as elemental composition and crystalline arrangement of nanostructured samples at SENOR LABis carried out by electron microscopy.
Scanning (SEM)… Read more

Laser micro/nano fabrication

The use of laser in manufacturing processes is rapidly growing due both to the dramatic developments in laser technology during the past 10 years (e.g., higher power and wider wavelength availability)… Read more

Preparation of oxide quasi 1D structures

SENSOR, since it was established, addressed its activity in the field of material research for functional applications trough the bottom-up fabrication of highly ordered, crystalline, quasi 1-dimensio… Read more

Surface-plasmon resonance sensing with cavity-enhanced methods

Optical surface-plasmon resonance (SPR) sensors are nowadays a well-established tool for chemical and biological analysis. The readout of state-of-the-art instruments is commonly based on spectroscopi… Read more

Thin Film Properties on the Nanoscale: from Polymers to Ferroelectrics

The scientific investigations of thin films are a very fascinating subject regarding the properties of confined matter. These studies are also very important for a range of nanotechnology applications… Read more

Whispering gallery mode optical resonators

Over the last few decades, optical resonators allowed enormous progresses in a number of different fields of fundamental and applied science. At small length scales, from microns to millimeters, diele… Read more