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Using Light To Probe And Image The Outside World.

Interferometry, holography & microscopy

Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry for NDT evaluation of composite materials

Through real-time surface illumination by visible laser (i.e. 532 nm), the Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry (ESPI) technique allows the non-contact, non-destructive detection of micro-deforma… Read more

Interferometry for the characterization and diagnostics of targets and plasma in laser-plasma experiments

Recent progresses on laser wakefield acceleration (LWFA) open the way for the development of novel compact accelerators with potential applications for example in biomedical therapy and diagnosis, as … Read more

Mid IR Digital Holography: vision through smoke and flames

Digital holography in the Mid IR range (Mid IR DH) is a well-established research activity at INO. Indeed, the extension of digital holography from the visible to the IR spectral region has been reali… Read more

Morphofunctional imaging of human and mouse brain

Neuronal imaging research team aims to develop innovative imaging methodologies for an increased understanding of biological events in human and mouse brain. Novel implementations of light-sheet micro… Read more

The study of surface optical properties for characterizing the cleaning process of artworks

“Cleaning” is a process that involves a carefully identification of the causes of any deterioration or discolouration and then the removal or treatment of the layers altered or dirty. The skill of the… Read more

Ultraintense Laser amplification and diagnostic techniques (ILIL-PW)

Laser-matter interaction at extreme intensities (>10E20 W/cm2) requires high power, ultrashort (≈30 fs) laser pulses with controlled spatial and temporal quality. In the framework of the ELI-Ita… Read more