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Using Light To Probe And Image The Outside World.

Imaging & image processing

INtegration of cost-effective Solutions for Imaging, Detection, and Digitisation of hidden Elements in paintings (INSIDDE)

Because cultural heritage is one of the most valuable assets of our continent, European institutions are strongly committed with its conservation and protection, but also with its worldwide diffusion … Read more

Integrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure ON Cultural Heritage (IPERION CH)

IPERION CH at a glance. The IPERION CH consortium is determined to take up the challenge outlined in the Horizon 2020 – Work Programme 2014-2015 for European research infrastructures, which calls fo… Read more

Mid IR Digital Holography: vision through smoke and flames

Digital holography in the Mid IR range (Mid IR DH) is a well-established research activity at INO. Indeed, the extension of digital holography from the visible to the IR spectral region has been reali… Read more

Morphofunctional imaging of human and mouse brain

Neuronal imaging research team aims to develop innovative imaging methodologies for an increased understanding of biological events in human and mouse brain. Novel implementations of light-sheet micro… Read more

Scanning Multispectral VIS-NIR Reflectography

Spectral imaging, widely used in remote sensing applications, such as satellite or radar imaging, has recently gained importance in the field of artwork conservation. In particular, multispectral imag… Read more

The study of surface optical properties for characterizing the cleaning process of artworks

“Cleaning” is a process that involves a carefully identification of the causes of any deterioration or discolouration and then the removal or treatment of the layers altered or dirty. The skill of the… Read more

Ultrasonic Force Microscopy (UFM): Nanomechanics and Subsurface Detection

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) was introduced around 30 years ago to investigate solid surfaces with nanoscale resolution [1]. It started with simply measuring the topography and then it was extended t… Read more