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Using Light To Probe And Image The Outside World.

Advanced optical sensors

Diamond based particle detectors

Diamond is an ideal material for particle detectors, mainly because of its radiation hardness, and is now assuming an important role for the upgrade of the innermost tracking layers at the Large Hadro… Read more

Electrical and optical chemical gas sensing

Nanowires, thick (at FE) and thin (at BS) films of nanostructured metal-oxide semiconductors oxides target the development of gas sensors for environmental, agroalimentary, safety and industrial appli… Read more

Electron microscopy and EBL

The investigation of the morphology, structure as well as elemental composition and crystalline arrangement of nanostructured samples at SENOR LABis carried out by electron microscopy.
Scanning (SEM)… Read more

Evanescent-wave sensing and spectroscopy

Optical cavity-based detection methods have been widely used for sensing and spectroscopy with lasers or incoherent light sources. Using optical fibers, it is easy to build cheap, small-size, high-fin… Read more

IMPRESS 2 – Innovative Metrology for Pollution Regulation of Emissions from Stacks and area Sources

Project IMPRESS – Innovative Metrology for Pollution Regulation of Emissions from Stacks and area Sources – will address metrology needs in stack emissions monitoring, annual mass emission reporting a… Read more

INtegration of cost-effective Solutions for Imaging, Detection, and Digitisation of hidden Elements in paintings (INSIDDE)

Because cultural heritage is one of the most valuable assets of our continent, European institutions are strongly committed with its conservation and protection, but also with its worldwide diffusion … Read more

Photoacoustic sensors for trace gas detection

Trace gas detectors based on optical systems represent the best option for measuring tiny quantities of trace gases, especially when fast on-line detection and high selectivity are needed. Since the a… Read more

Physical sensing with optical-fiber ring, grating-based and coupled resonators

Fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) possess an undisputed potential in the field of thermal and mechanical sensing owing to their intrinsic sensitivity, immunity to electro-magnetic interference and suitabili… Read more

Preparation of oxide quasi 1D structures

SENSOR, since it was established, addressed its activity in the field of material research for functional applications trough the bottom-up fabrication of highly ordered, crystalline, quasi 1-dimensio… Read more

Surface-plasmon resonance sensing with cavity-enhanced methods

Optical surface-plasmon resonance (SPR) sensors are nowadays a well-established tool for chemical and biological analysis. The readout of state-of-the-art instruments is commonly based on spectroscopi… Read more

Tomography and Magnetometry with ultra-cold Rb atoms

Magnetic Induction Tomography (MIT) is a long standing imaging technique [1] sensitive to all passive electromagnetic properties of materials. It is very appealing for many applications in the industr… Read more

Ultraintense Laser amplification and diagnostic techniques (ILIL-PW)

Laser-matter interaction at extreme intensities (>10E20 W/cm2) requires high power, ultrashort (≈30 fs) laser pulses with controlled spatial and temporal quality. In the framework of the ELI-Ita… Read more

Whispering gallery mode optical resonators

Over the last few decades, optical resonators allowed enormous progresses in a number of different fields of fundamental and applied science. At small length scales, from microns to millimeters, diele… Read more