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Exploring Extreme Light Sources In Unconventional Scenarios

Ultraintense laser sources

Diode-pumped lasers for ultrashort pulse amplifiers (Diomede)

Ultraintense laser driven sources of high energy particle and radiation are developing rapidly and are being considered for medical applications. In this scenario it is crucial to rely on affordable, … Read more

Intense laser interaction with structured targets and high field plasmonics

This research activity is focused on the use of sub-wavelength structuring to enhance the coupling of intense, ultrashort laser pulses with solid matter. In particular, it aims to exploit plasmonic ex… Read more

Interferometry for the characterization and diagnostics of targets and plasma in laser-plasma experiments

Recent progresses on laser wakefield acceleration (LWFA) open the way for the development of novel compact accelerators with potential applications for example in biomedical therapy and diagnosis, as … Read more

Laser-plasma acceleration of electrons and secondary (Compton) radiation sources

The impressive progress of high power laser technology initiated by the introduction of the Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA) concept is now leading to the realization of new large laser infrastructur… Read more

Ultraintense Laser amplification and diagnostic techniques (ILIL-PW)

Laser-matter interaction at extreme intensities (>10E20 W/cm2) requires high power, ultrashort (≈30 fs) laser pulses with controlled spatial and temporal quality. In the framework of the ELI-Ita… Read more