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Exploring Extreme Light Sources In Unconventional Scenarios

Solid state lasers

Characterization of new materials for Solid state sources

The main research fields of the group are the study and the characterization of new solid state materials for coherent and incoherent light sources. In this respect we perform some researches and char… Read more

Diode-pumped lasers for ultrashort pulse amplifiers (Diomede)

Ultraintense laser driven sources of high energy particle and radiation are developing rapidly and are being considered for medical applications. In this scenario it is crucial to rely on affordable, … Read more

New formats for high power / high pulse energy solid state lasers

Experimental activities deal with study and testing of unconventional slab formats for diode pumped solid state lasers (DPSSLs). The experiments carried out have always been complemented by numerical … Read more

Ultraintense Laser amplification and diagnostic techniques (ILIL-PW)

Laser-matter interaction at extreme intensities (>10E20 W/cm2) requires high power, ultrashort (≈30 fs) laser pulses with controlled spatial and temporal quality. In the framework of the ELI-Ita… Read more