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Using Light To Probe The Nano-world And The Bricks Of Life

Plasmonics, photonic crystals & nanostructures

Diamond color centers for Quantum Information and Quantum Metrology

This research activity is focused on the study of dynamics and on the control of single color centers in diamond and nanodiamond, with application to quantum information and communication, and quantum… Read more

Electromagnetic Fields and Photonics

We develop theory and numerical models to understand how photons interact with nanoparticles in the linear and nonlinear regimes.
Our efforts are devoted to conceive new device… Read more

Laser micro/nano fabrication

The use of laser in manufacturing processes is rapidly growing due both to the dramatic developments in laser technology during the past 10 years (e.g., higher power and wider wavelength availability)… Read more

Preparation of oxide quasi 1D structures

SENSOR, since it was established, addressed its activity in the field of material research for functional applications trough the bottom-up fabrication of highly ordered, crystalline, quasi 1-dimensio… Read more

Single Emitters for Quantum technologies

By combining advanced photonic materials with single organic molecules, we seek for novel light-matter interfaces for quantum technologies, where strong non-linearities are often needed.
The experime… Read more

Surface-plasmon resonance sensing with cavity-enhanced methods

Optical surface-plasmon resonance (SPR) sensors are nowadays a well-established tool for chemical and biological analysis. The readout of state-of-the-art instruments is commonly based on spectroscopi… Read more