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Using Light To Probe The Nano-world And The Bricks Of Life

Biological and biomedical imaging & manipulation

2D Single Particle Tracking and Super-resolution imaging in living cells

The main aim of this experiment has been to use the single particle tracking (SPT) approach to tackle the molecular basis of timely human pathologies, in particular Alzheimer’s disease. Most of the … Read more

Applications of Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM) in cytomechanics

A current challenge in the life sciences is to understand how biological systems change their structural, biophysical and chemical properties to adjust functionality. Cellular responses to mechanical … Read more

Development of a Scanning Ion Conductance Microscope (SICM) prototype with AFM and optical modules

The SICM microscope works with ionic solution, and can perform imaging of biological samples without mechanical interaction. By suitably varying the hydrostatic pressure present at the mouth of the ca… Read more

Dosimetry and radiobiology with laser-driven relativistic electron beams

Electron accelerators based upon the so-called Laser Wake-Field Acceleration (LWFA) mechanism in a plasma are deserving a growing attention, mainly due to their intrinsic reduced footprint when compar… Read more

Laser micro/nano fabrication

The use of laser in manufacturing processes is rapidly growing due both to the dramatic developments in laser technology during the past 10 years (e.g., higher power and wider wavelength availability)… Read more

Morphofunctional imaging of human and mouse brain

Neuronal imaging research team aims to develop innovative imaging methodologies for an increased understanding of biological events in human and mouse brain. Novel implementations of light-sheet micro… Read more

Multimodal fibre-probe spectroscopy for tissue diagnostics

Multimodal fibre-based spectroscopy offers the possibility of non-invasively and quickly detect spectroscopic information of the tissue under examination. This technique combines several laser sources… Read more

Non-linear multimodal microscopy for biological tissue imaging

Non-linear optical (NLO) microscopy offers promising solutions for tissue imaging at sub-cellular level and it can provide both morphological and functional information in a label-free modality. The c… Read more

Optical dissection of cardiac electrophysiology

Here we aredeveloping innovative optical approaches to simultaneously probe and control the crucial determinants of cardiac function. Ultrafast deflectors are used to rapidly scan laser beams across t… Read more

Second-harmonic generation imaging of the cornea

The experiment is aimed at developing an advanced non-linear laser scanning microscopy platform to be used for imaging the anterior segment of the eye. In particular, in this experiment second-harmoni… Read more