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Using Light For Developing And Testing Novel Devices And Materials

Materials under high pressures

Diamond based particle detectors

Diamond is an ideal material for particle detectors, mainly because of its radiation hardness, and is now assuming an important role for the upgrade of the innermost tracking layers at the Large Hadro… Read more

High pressure physics of elemental solids

The profound changes in elements induced by extreme conditions are fundamental to a broad range of problems in physics. The group-I alkali metals have been the testing grounds for simple systems, whic… Read more

High pressure physics of liquids and supercritical fluids

The supercritical fluid has since ever (ref 1), until recently, been considered as a unique state with intermediate properties of the liquid and gas phases. The thermodynamical observables show a cont… Read more

High pressure synthesis of novel materials

One of the most remarkable outcomes of physics and chemistry at extreme conditions is the synthesis of novel materials, which can significantly update our view of the periodic table and also of potent… Read more

Intense laser-driven shock for physics of extreme conditions (FemtoShock)

This experiment indeed marks the beginning of a new research line in INO, where two the group of high pressure physics, mainly based on the diamond anvill cell (DAC), and that of ultraintense laser so… Read more