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Using Light For Developing And Testing Novel Devices And Materials

Materials and components for solar energy

Advanced functional semiconductors for photovoltaics and energetics

This activity mainly deals with two lines, one on engineered metal oxide nanostructures to be applied as efficient anodes in third-generation solar cells and one on solar concentration and spectral sp… Read more

Electron microscopy and EBL

The investigation of the morphology, structure as well as elemental composition and crystalline arrangement of nanostructured samples at SENOR LABis carried out by electron microscopy.
Scanning (SEM)… Read more

Fabrication and investigation of optoelectronic properties of graphene-1D nanostructure hybrid films

Due to low electron-phonon scattering, graphene has excellent transport properties with high charge carrier mobilities. In addition, single layer graphene absorbs about 2.3% of visible light. The comb… Read more

Preparation of oxide quasi 1D structures

SENSOR, since it was established, addressed its activity in the field of material research for functional applications trough the bottom-up fabrication of highly ordered, crystalline, quasi 1-dimensio… Read more

Solar Collectors Laboratory

Since 1997 the activities of study and experimentation of our group is part of the renewable energy research, especially in the exploitation of solar energy. This sector, which is an essential element… Read more

Solar Energy Materials

The activity is focused on the characterization of optical properties of new materials for solar applications. Investigated materials are solids, liquids, thin films and nanostructures. An extremely w… Read more

Thin Film Properties on the Nanoscale: from Polymers to Ferroelectrics

The scientific investigations of thin films are a very fascinating subject regarding the properties of confined matter. These studies are also very important for a range of nanotechnology applications… Read more

Ultra-refractory ceramic absorbers for thermodynamic solar energy generation at high temperature (Firb

Solar thermal technology is a safe, sustainable and cost-effective energy supply. The maximum operating temperatures of solar power plants are usually lower than 800 K because of the rapid degradation… Read more

Ultrasonic Force Microscopy (UFM): Nanomechanics and Subsurface Detection

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) was introduced around 30 years ago to investigate solid surfaces with nanoscale resolution [1]. It started with simply measuring the topography and then it was extended t… Read more